Amazing Digital Skills

What Do we Do? -> We we teah and offer high demanding digital courses. We are present in 5 countries but with solid plans to spread wings to over 100 countries world-wide by mid 2024.
How Do we Do it? -> Leonet believe in empowering people to live their best. We work with our partners and Shareholders strategically selected to serve in target regions. You get rewarded for Learning highly paid digital skills or just by referring others to use or buy the same products or services they use every day on We employs the tools of referrer or multi-levels marketing in creating financial freedom and reaping all the billions in internet world.
Opportunities: Leonet offers a multitude of opportunities to anyone that is Bold enough to break from the failures of their past and make a fresh start. We are open to welcome you as an Independent Business Owners, Shareholder Or Consumer. See details of this in our Business model page.

In Summary: We are LEONET (Skill, Opportunity, Lifestyle, Distinct, Gainful, Ambience, Independent, Natural, Simple)